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                   ***  ~tel Frequently Asked Questions  ***


   Q. What is this?

   A. tilde.tel is a small hobby software PBX for the tildeverse. So far
      users can make calls, leave voicemails and participate in a multi-
      user  conference with  more features  to  come.  The  numbers  are
      loosely broken down  by tilde,  with  each  tilde  having its  own
      prefix "area code".

   Q. Who runs it?

   A. I'm cat, you can find me around tilde.town and  circumlunar.space,
      and on the baud.baby gopher space.

   Q. Do you represent x tilde

   A. No, while I use the names of the  other  tildes and PUBNIX systems
      as a way to  group  the various ~tel  users I don't claim  to be a
      representative of them in any way.

                            Getting a phone number

   Q. How do I sign up?

   A. Currently  the best way is to yell at me  on IRC on the tilde.chat
      servers, either directly or in the #tildetel channel. Feel free to
      yell at me elsewhere but IRC will get you the best results.

   Q. What constitutes a tilde, as far as tilde.tel is concerned?

   A. Basically   any  of  the   community   PUBNIX  systems,   but  not
      specifically  limited to  the ones that have "tilde" in their name
      and not specifically  ones that offer  shell  access. Pretty  much
      anyone will be considered, with the exception of...

   Q. I'm an SDF user, can I have a tilde.tel number?

   A. Nope! SDF already has a really excellent  VoIP  service  that  you
      should  utilise  instead  and  a  lot  of  tilde.tel  will  mirror
      functionality the SDF's  service already  has. Being an SDF member
      of course doesn't  exclude  you from tilde.tel  though, if  you're
      also a member of a tilde, there just won't be an SDF "area code".

   Q. Can I have x phone number?

   A. Nah, that kind of thing can lead to butting heads and other nonsense.

   Q. If I'm a member of multiple tildes, can I have multiple numbers?

   A. Sure, if you need it why not.

                                  Using ~tel

   Q. What are the settings I need to connect?

   A. The settings below should get you up and running:

            Username: [your extension]
            Password: [your password]
              Server: tilde.tel
                Port: 2600
           Transport: UDP

   Q. Can I update my details? CLI? Reset my password?

   A. Nope! At least not yet. It's gonna be all manual initially while I
      sort out some kind of system to do that for you.

   Q. Can I call external VoIP numbers or PSTN network numbers?

   A. Not at the moment. URI dialing is in the works  but dialing out to
      the PSTN network is fraught with danger.

   Q. Can I dial in to ~tel externally?

   A. Again not yet but that functionality is high on my list.

   Q. Can I connect x to ~tel?

   A. Knock  yourself  out. Connect  a  phone, connect your own Asterisk
      server, connect rusty old analog gear or a  BBS,  it's all good as
      long as  it doesn't cause too  much mischief or ruin anyone's good
      time. A robodialer is fun for a minute but gets old pretty quick.

      Which brings us to...

                            Using ~tel responsibly

   Q. Does ~tel have a code of conduct/terms of use/whatever?

   A. Sure: Do as thou wilt, harm none. This includes but is not limited
      too physical, emotional, psychological, financial and esoterical

      Be courteous and treat other users with respect and we'll all have
      a good time.

   Q. Is there anything I should/should not be doing?

   A. I think the tilde and PUBNIX communities have enough commmon sense
      to behave but just for  clarity's  sake; keep in mind the users on
      this  system  are real  people, sometimes  unsolicited  calls  are
      welcome  and sometimes  not,  try to  be sure  you're  not being a
      nuisance or pest before dialing out.